The Free One is a collection of writings gathered and presented to you, offered to proclaim the name of Jesus and to reveal His path out of hopelessness, fear, and oppression. These freedom stories are powerful because they reveal, each in their own way, the miracle of moving from places of darkness and death to places of light and life. The Free One is offered to you by thirty-four women whose stories of rescue from suffering, despair, grief, sin, and loss proclaim that freedom, peace, and joy are secured and ready for us all.

THE FREE ONE is led by:
PUBLISHER - Stephanie Lee
EDITOR - Crista Merrell

THE FREE ONE is a division of the You Are 501(C)3.

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The free one IS GOD’S STORY

May we be a multifaceted expression of the Gospel- the GOOD NEWS- as it is represented in the redemption, repentance and renewal of individual lives and communities. God has always been working. God continues to work. As long as He does, we will tell His story.



The free one is community

You are all invited in- individually to remain a unique expression of the heart of the Creator’s design. Collectively we ring with the complexity of divine diversity. We celebrate the vibrance, flair, pitch, tempo and hope of every free one.



The free one is wild

With open hands and outstretched arms we cry out to the ONE who created everything from nothing. We come barren and filled with the promise of life. We come with our nothing and find the creator still giving everything we need to thrive. We cultivate with care and excitedly wait to see what the seeds planted in us produce. We bear fruit, wild and unexpected fruit, and we share and feast. These wild seeds have been sown in the deepest places of our beings and they grow in us, wild and free. We want to see these seeds live! Flourish! As they shoot up, each adds to the beauty of the garden, they change the atmosphere with their fragrance and nourish us in unique ways. The Free One is for the wild seeds, untamed, and unexpected. We can’t wait to see what rises from every earthen heart.